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月曜日, 1月 16, 2006

Pachinko v.s. Slot

These days, there are tons and tons of variety of pachinko and slot machines. Each machine has different rate on winning. The people who wants to win, plays on the high return rate machine, such as "Yoshimune" and "Ossu! Bancho!". On the other hand, Akiba-kei people plays on machine such as "Evangelion". The people who are just started playing slot plays on machine such as "O-hanabi" and "Hokuto-no-Ken". What Im implying is, people call those people as "Slotter" and put them in same group. However there are diversity among those people.


One thing I saw on news the other day. The reporter commenting on Sumo, "These days, all the great sumo wrestlers are foreigners, it's sad to see such thing happen to a Japanese traditional sports...". It's true, if you look at all the recent, "STRONG" sumo wrestler, they are all foreigner. To name some, Asasho-ryu, Koto-oshu, Akebono, Konishiki, and Musashimaru. However, I believe foreignization of Sumo isn't all that bad. I take it as globalization. Foreigners entitling in Sumo Wrestling basically means, that more and more foreigners are gaining interests toward Japanese tradition. The reporter should have just reported the fact, not how he felt about it. I don't like watching news, as mass media tries to alter your view on the world.

月曜日, 12月 26, 2005


The Coraboration event with the Chinese Foreign Student Group was such a success!!!! We (our table) talked about how we think of Prime Minister Koizumi, and our attitude towards love. It was great fun listening to foreigners idea. What was great was that, Chinese student didn't hesitate to say what they really thought, so we could really get to know what they were thinking. After the event, we went drinking. That was great as well. One student tought me how to pour beer for others. All in all, it was one of the best times in my university years, and I hope to do that kind of event again.

土曜日, 12月 17, 2005

Last Lunch

We finished up the meeting for the coraboration event today. Oh my god, the event is so soon... The 7 weeks we've held the meeting went by so fast. What I've realized from these lunch meeting is that, I go well with Chinese than with Japanese. Why? During Japanese Meeting, nothing really gets decided, they just report what has been going on and wont say what they are thinking. On the other hand, the Chinese say what they think, so we can move from topic to topic and decide what we are going to do on the go. Wonderful...

To conclude, I love Chinese people... lol

火曜日, 12月 13, 2005

It's Been Awhile

Sorry Scott, I been slacking on writing blog. Don't fail me!!!! (p_q)
Anyways, today, I have a Christmas Party with foreign exchange students. I know I should post after the party, but I had empty time before the party, so I decided to post now.
These days, I have plenty of time to interact with foreign exchange students. Also, I am a officer of coraboration event with the Chinese Exchange Student Group and us, FC INT'L. So every saturday, I get to eat lunch with them and discuss about the event. During the discussion, I get to know what they think of us, and how their way of thinking is different from ours. It's really fascinating. We are going to finish us building the base of the event on up comming Saturday, 12/17, if you are interested, please come join us, we will be at 2nd floor of cafeteria!!

火曜日, 10月 25, 2005


After school today, me and my friends went to karaoke! Today, unlike usual, we had new member to our "karaoke group(!?!?)"!! This is what I feel everytime there is a new member, but, boy... what a fun it is to have a fresh breeze! After all, we all know what kind of song our "old members" sing and at what timing..etc... This new member brought us a song we've never touched before, in a manner of voice mimicing!! Great fun!!! This reminded me of what karaokes are so fun!! Because there is a diversity in songs we sing and listen to! Thanks Tana-Sho!!

土曜日, 10月 22, 2005


Since I found nothing interesting to do while I sat and done nothing at home, I decided to watch the movie "Densha-Otoko". This movie is about one "Akiba-Kei" man, a nerd in English, falling in love with a girl. Here I realized that, diversity, in another word, is originality! Take a look at people in University. Some wears suits like clothes and be classified as, "One-Kei" or "Oni-Kei", some wears loose clothes and be classified as, "B-Kei", and some wears black and white clothes and be classified as, "Gothic" or "V-Kei".

Now, let me tell you about this funny thing I saw awhile ago. I was at the gates of University, waiting for people, in front of me, was this group of girls, who were also waiting on others to arrive. The girls, were wearing pretty much same jacket. Not only that, they were wearing pretty much same pants, and boots, and jesus christs, same hair style!!! My god they looked alike, I couldn't tell the difference from each other. Here I thought, diversity, makes the world fun place to live. After all, what fun is it to be the same?

As Good Charlotte sang, "I don't wanna do the things you do, I don't wanna say the word you say, 'cause I don't even wanna, I don't ever wanna be YOU! Don't wanna be just like YOU!"


After spending a night at my friends house, I came home to see something unusual. A "Virginia Slims One" package along with my ash tray moved to the dinning room. As I live with my sister, there is only one answer to this, she restarted smoking. She had quitted awhile ago, but it must be the stress. Oh well, not that thats important.

What it reminded me is that, among non-smokers, smokers are seggregated. We are being pushed into small areas. There are seggregation even inside a society, even as same race, nationality, or even class. I don't know, before trying to solve problems, don't we have to see the big picture? And work from what we can to try and solve problems?

Oh and another thing I realized, when I hear diversity, it links me directly to discrimination, a bad image. In reality, diversity often means good things.

金曜日, 10月 21, 2005

Food Fest '05

Today, there was an Food Festeval. With many foreign exchange students, and non-foreign exchange students interacting with each other, I'd say the fest was a successful. Now on to diversity topic. I was talking to the foreign exchange student at my table today, and found out that they have this incredable image for us Japanese students. Now, not that I was really shocked, but my heart hurted as I am far, far from what they have as image of Japanese Students. This brought me an idea. "What if they see bunch of "me"?" Oh yeah, definetly the image of Japanese students would go down among them. What I want to say is, to every bias, discrimination, distinction, and the kind, there has to be a reason why that kind of view started. There is an old Japanese Saying, "Hi no nai tokoroni kemuriwa tatanu", it means, "Wherever there is a smoke, there has to be a fire". Now, I'm not backing up discrimination, but I believe this can be used... or already in use I should say, for removing discrimination! How you say? Well... As long as people are living and getting along with each other, slowly, overtime, images will fade, bringing peace. Ofcourse, people are often refusing to see what others really are like. I think those people can die and burn in hell... heh